2021 Virtual Annual General Meeting


2021 Annual General Meeting Minutes
April 29, 2021
Held Virtually      12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.


  • Chelsea Stephens, Member Services Coordinator introduced Allan Simm (2020/2021 President) who welcomed members and guests to the Annual General Meeting of the Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce.
  • The 88th Annual General Meeting was then officially opened with words from President Allan Simm at 12:05 p.m.
  • Allan recognized the following members of Council in attendance: Deputy Mayor Fred Freeman, Councillor Kristy Van Kooten-Bossence, Councillor Michael Bowman, Councillor Rick Eus.
  • There were some brief words of welcome to the audience from Deputy Mayor Freeman.
  • Allan asked for declarations of pecuniary interest - no declarations were made.
  • Allan moved for approval of the 2021 AGM Agenda. 1st - Rachel Van Slyke, 2nd - Mike Bowman. With no opposition this motion was carried.
  • Allan moved for the approval of the 2020 AGM Minutes. 1st - Mike Bowman, 2nd, Allison Biggar. With no opposition, this motion was carried.
  • Treasurer Dan Nairn was called upon to present the Treasurer’s Report.
  • After presenting the Treasurer’s Report, Dan motioned to accept the report and budget for 2021. It was moved by Fred Freeman to accept the Treasurer’s Report and 2021 budget as presented.

Seconded by Rachel Van Slyke. With no further discussion, the motion was carried.

  • Dan then reintroduced the Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce’s president, Allan Simm.
  • Allan introduced reports including: The President’s Report, and the Chamber Staff report.
  • Allan motioned for the reports to be accepted as presented. This was moved by Mike Bowman, seconded by Dan Nairn. With no opposition, the motion was carried.
  • Allan then motioned for the actions of the 2020 Chamber Board of Directors to be ratified. Adam Funnell moved, with Rachel Van Slyke as the second. With no opposition this motion was carried.
  • Allan introduced our new Directors, and motioned to approve new directors and renew the existing directors. Rick Eus moved and Adam Funnell seconded.
  • Allan turned the meeting to Chelsea Stephens (Member Services Coordinator) to introduce the 2021 Board of Directors.
  • Chelsea introduced the 2021 Board of Directors, starting with the Executive:


Allan Simm, President

Rachel Van Slyke, 1st Vice-President

Adam Funnell, 2nd Vice-President

Dan Nairn, Treasurer

Tammy Jeffery, Past President


Rick Eus                                Orlene Newman               James Langford                 Marcel Rosehart

Mike Bowman                     Allison Biggar                    Quinn Pow                          Curtis Tighe

Dale Flynn                           Adam Funnell                    Andrea Segui

Rob Tremblett                    Paul Tyndall                       Cathy Cripps


  • Rachel Van Slyke introduced our speaker, David Paterson from General Motors Canada. Mr. Paterson is the Vice President of Corporate and Environmental Affairs at GM Canada. He spoke about General Motors, their BRIGHT Future in Ingersoll, and more. He also remarked about GM Canada’s Mission, which is Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion. Electric and Autonomous vehicles were discussed, as well as CAMI Assembly’s role with Bright Drop which is an all electric delivery van for cargo.
  • Allan Simm thanked David Paterson, and remarked that the Chamber would be sending a local gift basket for him to enjoy!
  • Allan Simm closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. Allan asked for a motion to adjour the meeting. This was moved by Dale Flynn.
  • The event concluded at 1:30 p.m.



Allan Simm

Chelsea Stephens
Member Services Coordinator

Justine Vyse