The Ingersoll Chamber of Commerce

As your local Chamber of Commerce, we act as a unified voice for all sizes of businesses here in Ingersoll. Active in the Business community since 1960, the Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce was formed from the original Board of Trade, established and registered in 1934. We do not receive any public funding, so we can are both independent and accountable only to our membership.

Our Board Of Directors

We have a well-developed committee structure headed up by the Board of Directors. The 18 volunteers on the board, as well as the General Manager, run the Chamber. Each Director also bring forth suggestions and ideas from fellow Chamber members to monthly board meetings. Each Board member volunteers their expertise and enthusiasm to the Chamber, which in turn uses that talent to develop social, political and economic policies that affect the quality of life in Ingersoll.

Nominations for Board of Directors

Nominations for Board of Directors are accepted mid December for the upcoming year. At that time, nominations are brought forth to the Nomination Committee who make the final decision. The announcement is made at the Annual General Meeting held in January. If nominated and approved, each director’s term is two years, to a maximum of four terms (eight years).

More about the Ingersoll Chamber of Commerce

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Other Chamber Committees

Ingersoll Chamber has several active committees, each focusing on a particular area of policy or activity. Read more about our committees