Newsletter – February 2020

Hello Chamber Members,

It is an honour to be the President of the Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce, an institution that has been supporting the growth of the business community and advocating for small business since 1934. I am very excited to start this two year term and I look forward to connecting and networking with you in the coming year.

As a member, you have some exciting opportunities to get involved and support your Chamber. We are happy to announce that we have a new Chamber Sponsorship Package with several sponsorship levels designed just for you. Learn more here.

If you haven’t already done so, please reach out and connect with your Chamber support staff and board of directors. We want to hear from you. We need your input to continuously improve, remain sustainable and provide value to all members. We strive to have a fully engaged membership.

So get involved, stay informed and check out our events and exclusive benefits.
Wishing you all the best in 2020!
Allan Simm, President

(Toronto – February 4, 2020) – Today, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and BarterPay Canada Inc. announced a new affinity partnership to bring the BarterPay trading platform to members of the Ontario Chamber Network.

Through the BarterPay platform, businesses can obtain a wide variety of goods and services that they need by trading excess, slow-moving inventory or idle time instead of using cash. Through this partnership, members of participating local chambers of commerce and boards of trade will be given exclusive benefits such as reduced activation fees, special promotions and access to BarterPay Small Business Barter Loans at 0% interest.

“The OCC represents small and medium-sized businesses across a variety of sectors who are concerned about the rising costs of doing business. BarterPay provides an innovative solution that allows our members to acquire the goods and services they need by leveraging their excess capacity” says Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “As the indispensable partner of business, we’re excited to bring this revolutionary business tool to our provincewide membership.”

BarterPay converts the value of traded goods and services into TRADEdollars® (at retail value) which allows the business owner to extract the actual things they need from the network versus trading directly one to one. In addition, BarterPay It Forward®, a separate charitable foundation, provides a unique opportunity for small businesses to contribute to community charities and create social impact with the TRADEdollars® they generate instead of having to dip into their precious cash. To date, over $2.8M in value has been donated to charities across Canada with the BarterPay It Forward® program.

“This partnership widens our capacity and brings a unique opportunity for OCC affiliate members to conduct smart business using barter,” says John Porter, BarterPay Founder and CEO. “Our user-friendly bartering system makes it easy for businesses of any size to barter their way to a better bottom line and deliver more impact in the community.”

OTTAWA, ON – February 20, 2019 – Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce launched Resources of the Future (ROTF) in an effort to start a dialogue about the positive role Canada’s resource sector can play in advancing digitalization, leading climate action, creating new partnerships with Indigenous communities and providing social and economic development across Canada.


“There is no question that our resource sector, like many other sectors of the economy, will be reshaped by the fourth industrial revolution. While there are many challenges ahead of the sector, there are also significant opportunities. The Resources of the Future podcasts aim to start a dialogue about these opportunities, the innovation and foresight being exercised by our resource companies, and the policy choices we need to make to realize our resource sector’s full potential, to the benefit of every Canadian,” said Dr. Aaron Henry, Senior Director of Natural Resources and Global Sustainability at the Canadian Chamber.
To highlight the importance of the Canadian resource sector and the efforts being put forward by different leaders in the sector, the Canadian Chamber has launched with a ROTF podcast. Over the coming months, the podcasts will dive into what the resource sector is doing to contribute to a more sustainable world, as well its relationship with indigenous communities and its efforts to fight climate change. In the first episode, the Canadian Chamber talks about innovation, value chains and some of the big opportunities and challenges facing the resource sector. A new episode will be available every second Thursday on


To join in on the conversation and learn more about the different ways organizations in Canada’s resource sector are building a better tomorrow follow or use #ROTF on Twitter. You can also visit us at