Newsletter – November 2019

The cooler weather is here and the holiday season is quickly approaching!!  We look forward to supporting our Members with our Buy Close By Campaign.  If you don’t have a sticker for your door or window please reach out to the Chamber office for one.  We encourage everyone to support our local businesses and hope that you do as well.
We’re Hiring…   POSITION TITLE:  Member Services Coordinator (Contract PT)
The Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce is searching for a candidate who would like to make a difference within the business community!
In this part-time contract position, you will have the opportunity to play a key leadership role in the organization and innovation of programs, products, and services offered through the Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce.  The Member Services Coordinator is responsible for the development, recommendation, and implementation of all Chamber programs, and functions and operates under the general direction of the Ingersoll Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, as well as through the President of the Board.
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more please reach out to myself or refer to the website for the job posting


Business/Industry of the Year: Hydra Dyne Technology of the Year Inc.

Agricultural Award: Leaping Deer Adventure Farm & Market

President's Award: Sollgood Social Market

Young Entrepreneur/Youth Citizen of the Year: Alecia Langford - Lasting Memories

Citizen of the Year: Bobbi Campbell & Janice Maltby STITCH Supper Club

Photos courtesy of: Trish Roberts - Custom Concept Photography

(Toronto, October 23, 2019) – Today, Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) released the following statement in response to the Building Smarter Government Initiative launched today:


“We are pleased to see the Government of Ontario’s innovative plan to modernize and improve how it delivers programs and services in a way that is customer-centric, measures results, business-friendly, and respectful of the taxpayer.”


“Investing in Ontario through strategic spending is essential to fostering business competitiveness and job creation.”


“Approaches like the Building Smarter Government Initiative can contribute to the long-term economic growth of the province and result in healthy and productive communities.”
“While there is work underway, there remains much more to accomplish.”


“We look forward to working with government and private sector to help shape these important public policy initiatives together and put this plan into action.”


For additional details, please see key OCC advocacy areas and resources below.

Key OCC Advocacy Areas and Resources

Business Supports: Helping businesses grow
  • In its Blueprint Letters to the Ontario Government, the OCC has advocated for:
    • A regulatory ‘concierge service’ to assist small businesses in understanding, navigating, and achieving compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • In its Red Tape Submission to the Government of Ontario, the OCC has advocated for:
    • Harmonization of regulations to avoid excess layering. Government should review existing regulations and eliminate regulations that are redundant or in conflict across ministries, jurisdictions, and levels of government
    • Modernization of compliance systems. New approaches to compliance can create a more efficient regulatory regime that saves taxpayer dollars, ensures quality and consistency, and enhances business competitiveness.
Capital Asset Management: Building and maintaining the right infrastructure at the right time
Supply Chain Centralization: Using public sector buying power to save money and get better results
  • In 2014, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters partnered on the report Spend Smarter, Not More: Leveraging the Power of Public Procurement. This report puts forth advocacy with respect to strategic spending around procurement initiatives.
  • The OCC has advocated for further SMEs participation in government procurement. The government should make use of its status as an anchor customer by better leveraging public sector procurement to strategically invest in growing businesses. For more information, see Breaking Barriers: Ontario’s Scale Up Challenge.
Digital First: Delivering simpler, faster, better services
  • In its Red Tape Submission to the Government of Ontario, the OCC has advocated for:
    • An outcomes-based approach. An outcomes-based approach to regulation would allow firms to explore better ways of delivering value to the people of Ontario.
  • In its Blueprint Letters to the Ontario Government, the OCC has advocated for:
    • A focus on a value-for-money in government spending that consults widely with the private sector on potential opportunities to improve the efficiency and quality of public services.
    • Taxpayers at the centre of government service delivery. Improving customer service is an important goal, one which can be achieved using a ‘client-centric’ delivery model.


(OTTAWA) – October 22, 2019 – The Honourable Perrin Beatty, PC, OC, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, released the following statement following the results of the 2019 federal election.

“The Canadian Chamber of Commerce congratulates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada on winning a second term.

Canada has finally seen the end of a bitterly divisive campaign. Today is an opportunity to turn the page, to redirect efforts toward the betterment of all Canadians, including the business community.

Canada’s 43rd Parliament has been elected to govern on behalf of all Canadians, in all regions and in all sectors of the economy. Now that the campaign is over, MPs of all parties need to put our country’s needs ahead of narrow partisanship.
The challenges facing the country at the start of the election remain. We hope to see true statesmanship from Canada’s leaders, and a genuine willingness to make Parliament work for all Canadians.

Businesses and investors are watching carefully to see how we come together to secure our future. Canada needs its leaders to quickly move from the partisan theater of the campaign to the sober responsibility of governing. Building a new consensus and addressing our economic challenges cannot wait.

Earlier this year the Canadian Chamber presented an economic roadmap for Canada through our Vote Prosperity platform. We, and the entire business community, are prepared to work with the new Parliament to grow our economy, restore investor confidence in Canada and create greater prosperity for all Canadians.

Along with the 450 local chambers of our network, we are ready to play our part. We ask our elected representatives to demonstrate both the civility and the vision our country needs at this critical time.”

The Voice of Canadian Business
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest and most representative business association, which speaks with one unified voice on behalf of nearly a quarter million businesses. The Chamber’s job is to help Canadian businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions grow their business. We do this by helping them connect to each other, new opportunities, providing essential business services, and influencing government policy on their behalf. For more information visit or follow us @CdnChamberofCom.