Newsletter – October 2019

October is a month to be Thankful! I want to thank all those who participated in our Positive Post Campaign. Congratulations to Ingersoll Music Academy whose name was drawn as the winner of the $500 shopping spree donated by Tremblett's Independent Grocer! We also awarded an honourable mention to Taylor Durston with a gift certificate to Tim Horton's donated by Paul Tyndall for her positive posts.
I want to thank those who nominated so many well deserved businesses and individuals for our upcoming Awards of Excellence. I hope you plan to join us on October 17th at the Elm Hurst Inn & Spa to see who we selected as our winners.
Don't forget to save the date for our upcoming Ingersoll Talks Small Business on October 8th at the Ingersoll Town Council Chamber to learn how you can better protect yourself as well as your business.



Tammy Jeffery-Larder

We are excited to announce the winner of our Power of Positive Posting campaign!
The Ingersoll Music Academy post on Instagram was drawn as the winner!
The Ingersoll Music Academy has won a $500 shopping spree donated by Tremblett’s Independent Grocer.
the post is attached below
We also want to acknowledge Taylor Durston with her Positive Posts about our community!
Taylor has won a gift certificate donated by Paul Tyndall at Tim Horton’s.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign, we love seeing all the positive that happens in our community!

(Sudbury - September 18, 2019) Today, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce hosted a panel discussion and launch event, “Northern Ontario’s Innovation Ecosystem.” This is one of three events being held across the province on strengthening Ontario’s regional economies to reinforce the prosperity of the province as a whole.


“Innovation is fundamental to economic competitiveness in the 21st century. In Northern Ontario, traditional industries such as mining and forestry are adopting new technologies to increase their productivity, attract high-skilled workers, and improve the quality of their outputs,” said Claudia Dessanti, Policy Analyst at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “Our communities - and the province as a whole - risk falling behind if we do not leverage the rich and diverse competitive advantages of our local economies. That is why we’re here to discuss what innovation means for different industries in Northern Ontario and opportunities to strengthen Sudbury’s long-term capacity for innovation.”


Last week, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released its latest report, The Great Mosaic: Reviving Ontario’s Regional Economies. The report urges policymakers to take a modern and comprehensive approach to economic development by leveraging the existing competitive advantages of Ontario’s regions, such as Northern Ontario, and implement deliberate strategies to support long-term growth in communities across the province.


“The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with our members, government and stakeholders to ensure that our community and regions across Ontario can remain competitive in a rapidly changing economy,” said Bryan Welsh, Chair of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce. “Efforts to drive forward economic development and innovation are critical to the prosperity of businesses and job creators in Greater Sudbury.”



Join us for a Information Webinar on October 22, 2019 at 6pm

This webinar will give you more information on this exciting trip, as well as answer any questions you might have.

There are two ways to participate in the webinar:

1. Attend the webinar at the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce board room on the first floor at 447 Hunter Street, Woodstock. Please let us know if you will be attending by emailing

2. You can watch the webinar in the comfort of your own home. Please click this link to sign up to view the webinar at home:


For more information and the Itinerary please click here!

(OTTAWA) - September 26, 2019 - Canada cannot continue to power a 21st-century economy with a 20th century approach.

Exponential growth in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and the electrification of vehicles will soon place more demand on Canada’s energy systems than they can cope with.

One utility company acting alone cannot solve these challenges. Canadian utilities will need to innovate and collaborate in order to rise to the challenge and unlock the potential value for future generations to come.

“In the near future, Canada’s economy will depend upon our ability to evolve our power generation in lock step with the technologies that will power the 4th industrial revolution. Canada will need to scale up the power it generates in a big way and reimagine how its power will be delivered to and used by consumers. Utilities need to be leading this conversation and bring national and provincial regulators into the future with them,” said Dr. Aaron Henry, Director of Resources and Environmental Policy, Canadian Chamber.
The Canadian Chamber Utilities Working Group, co-chaired by Dr. Adriaan Davidse of Deloitte, will bring together the Canada’s major and medium-sized utility companies, their service providers, and the technology companies that support their innovation to ensure that they have the right policy environment to spur innovation and deliver benefits to all Canadian stakeholders.

“The next decade will present an opportunity for Canada to lead the world in demonstrating how to create a functioning national sustainable energy ecosystem. The consequences of our energy choices affect all Canadians and require a nationally coordinated response to help protect future generations. Canada has the resources, technology, organizations and people to make an impact that can be an example to the rest of the world. Deloitte is delighted to be part of this important nationwide collaborative effort to imagine what is possible and help support making it a reality,” said Anthony Hamer, Canadian Leader for Power and Utilities, Deloitte.

The working group will have three goals

· Develop a cohesive, long-term strategy to adapt to the economic, social and environmental shifts expected to affect Canada’s energy ecosystem in the future.

· Work as a nationally coordinated group to identify and effectively advocate for policies that enhance national cooperation and a nimble and evolving policy environment

· Significantly bolster the sustainability AND competitiveness of Canada’s clean energy ecosystem

“There is significant environmental, social and economic value in making our grids more productive, more resilient and greener. However, to achieve this transition will require a clear path forward and this will require all hands on deck - governments, regulators, investors, financiers, tech companies and utility companies - to ensure that Canada remains at the vanguard of the transition towards a new energy ecosystem rather than become a laggard,” added Dr. Henry.

Working group members will have an opportunity to amplify their voices and to participate in creating Canada’s energy future. The Canadian Chamber will only be accepting members to the working group for the next few months in order to get to work without delay.

The Voice of Canadian Business
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest and most representative business association, which speaks with one unified voice on behalf of nearly a quarter million businesses. The Chamber’s job is to help Canadian businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions grow their business. We do this by helping them connect to each other, new opportunities, providing essential business services, and influencing government policy on their behalf. For more information visit or follow us @CdnChamberofCom.