President’s Message

It has been a challenging year for many businesses and entrepreneurs. No one could have predicted what we had to live through during 2020 and even at the beginning of 2021. Many businesses and families have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. We had to dig in and weather this storm. We continue to do our part and keep our families and friends safe.


We here at the Ingersoll District Chamber of Commerce want you to know that we are here for you and that we are looking out for local businesses. We want you to know that we are working for you and your business and for all members in Ingersoll and the surrounding area. We want to continue to work with local government and associations to help forge a strong and vibrant business economy here in Ingersoll.


Even though we have faced some hardship and that many of our businesses are still face challenges, we want you to know that we have your back. We are working hard to deliver value to our members whether through our online networking meetings or through our exclusive benefits for our members or through our sponsorship packages. We are taking your feedback and making changes and we are adapting to this current business environment.


COVID-19 was an interruption but it did not stop us from having a successful golf tournament and gift basket drive that supported local businesses. Supporting local businesses is something that we firmly believe in and continue to promote because we know how important it is to support local. We know how important it is to promote a positive message and vibe in the community and build up our businesses.
Our Chamber team of Justine Vyse and Chelsea Stephens continues to work hard to support you and our board. We are thankful for their efforts during this challenging year. We want to deliver events and programming that deliver value to our members. They will continue to reach out and get your feedback as they strive for continuous improvement of the Chamber.


We are also grateful for our Frontline workers. They are an amazing group of people and our 2020 Citizens of the Year. Everyday they protect us, they look out for us and they serve us all. We say thank you to all our of essential workers in the community including Paramedics, EMS, OPP, Firefighters, Farmers, Truckers Teachers, Grocery workers, and the list goes on.
We also say thank you to all our Chamber members for your support during the last year. Thank you for your membership and sponsorship. We are honoured that you still put your trust in us to be to be the voice of business in Ingersoll. We look forward to listening to your ideas and developing new programs and then putting them into action.
Finally, thank you to our Board, Executive and Committees for all the work that you have done throughout the year. You have volunteered your time and energy and you have made a difference in the business community



Allan Simm, President